Ravening Hordes is a complete set of army lists that allows veteran Warhammer players to convert their existing armies into a suitable format for the new version of the Warhammer game. Ravening Hordes is not a permanent addition to the Warhammer range - the idea is to enable players to get by until such time as the new Warhammer Armies supplements are ready.

Summer 2002 Campaign

A dark shadow is spreading across the Warhammer World. An evil presence has awoken and seeks to enslave each and every race to its malicious will. Dark Emissaries stalk the land, offering their services to any who would join their cause. They whisper rewards of untold power and wealth to those who will fight for the Dark Master.

Summer 2004 Campaign

An enormous allied horde of evil armies is massing to the east of the Empire city of Middenheim. Led by Archaon, Lord of the End Times, this seemingly unstoppable army demands nothing less than the total destruction of the Empire. Emperor Karl Franz and Valten rush to defend the city of Middenheim and the lives of every member of the civilised races. Will Middenheim fall to the Forces of Darkness, or will the allied defenders hold strong?


The knights of Bretonnia are feared and respected throughout the world. Men of valor and honor, they are exceptional warriors and guardians of their land that was founded upon the most heroic of ideals. In the name of the Lady of the Lake and for the glory of duke and king they sweep aside evil on the field of battle, for none can stand against their glorious charge.


The Vampire Counts are the immortal rulers of the evil Undead. Powerful and cruel beyond the comprehension of the living, they command armies of decaying Zombies, Skeletons, Wights and Ghouls to destroy the Old World. When a Vampire Counts army goes to war, entire graveyards give up their dead as the spirits of the fallen take up arms once more to fight under their unliving masters.


The Empire is the largest realm of Men in the Warhammer World. The Emperor's powerful armies form the bastion that keeps the marauding Orcs and forces of Chaos from overrunning the Old World. The Empire is one in the series of Warhammer Armies supplements. Each book in the series describes in detail an army, its history and its heroes.


Dark Elves dwell in the realm of Naggaroth, the Land of Chill, far in the northern part of the New World. From their six menacing fortified cities, they march forth to enslave the free peoples of the Old World. Sacrifices of blood are made in the name of the Witch King, and the bodies of slain victims litter the battlefields of their armies.


In every forest and under every mountain lurk the warlike tribes of Greenskins - countless Orcs and Goblins who love nothing more than a good fight. Orcs and their smaller cousins, the Goblins, are ferocious raiders and relentless warriors whose ceaseless attacks are always threatening to engulf the entire Old World into eternal warfare.


The Dwarfen Kingdom of old was prosperous and full of splendor and glory. The majority of the Dwarfen strongholds have fallen, one by one, in the bitter wars with the Orcs, Goblins or Skaven, even now the remaining few Dwarf cities are under constant siege. These centuries of war have hardened the Dwarfs and moulded them into some of the finest warriors of the Old World.

Army list from Warhammer Annual 2002

From out of the steamy jungles of Lustria comes a an incredibly fierce army - the Lizardmen. Led by the most potent sorcerers in the Warhammer World, the Slann Mage-Priests, Lizardman armies are a force to be wary of. These armies consist of the brutal but slow-witted Saurus, the quick and agile Skinks, plodding but powerful Kroxigors, and other cold-blooded beasts of war.

Army list from White Dwarf #265-7

In an era long past, in the mists of time before the rise of Man, more than 2,000 years before the birth of Sigmar the epic war was fought. Vast armies of proud Dwarfs and noble Elves clashed all over the Old World. This was the War of the Beard!

Army list from Warhammer Annual 2002

The human Realm of Bretonnia is best characterised by their adherence to a rigid code of honour and chivalry. The Knights of Bretonnia are well known and respected (or outright feared!) throughout the Warhammer World. With a wide variety of Knights, as well as the steadfast Men-at-Arms and Bowmen, a Bretonnian army is an awesome sight on the battlefield.

Army list from Warhammer Annual 2002

Daemons inhabit the shadowy Realm of Chaos where they draw succour from its endless sea of life-giving magical energy. Only when Chaos is at its most potent are Daemons able to accompany Chaos armies as they march south to war. But when they do Warhammer world shrieks in fear and pain.

Taken from Citadel Journal #50
and White Dwarf #282

Champions of Chaos is a supplement to Realm of Chaos, detailing the full rules and background for Special Characters that can be included in the armies of Dark Gods.


An ancient and proud race, the High Elves have refined their martial skills and magical prowess over the centuries. They have watched empires rise and fall, and ferociously repel ail who seek to conquer their homeland.

Trial fan rules from Red Elf

This campaign pack describes a major conflict between two of the most deadly enemies in the Warhammer world: the High Elves and the Dark Elves. It is the tale of twin brothers, sons of a respected High Elf lord, who both have a claim to the inheritance of their father's lands. When the younger of the brothers, Calaidan, is chosen as heir to the title, his older brother Kaldor grows increasingly bitter and escapes to Naggaroth to serve the evil Witch King. Years later he returns leading an army of Dark Elves against his kinsmen.