Plaguelord of Clan Pestilens

Lord Skrolk can be taken as a Lord choice, but will use up one of your Hero choices as well. He must be fielded exactly as presented here, and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him.

Your army may include Lord Skrolk, agent of one of the most infamous Lords of Decay, Arch-Plaguelord Nurglitch of Clan Pestilens. Your army must include at least one regiment of Plague Monks if you want to use Lord Skrolk.

Lord Skrolk is very old and unutterably evil. By the blessing of the Horned Rat, he has lived many times his ordinary lifespan and unleashed unspeakable woes upon the world of Men. Skrolk was a simple Plague Monk at the beginning of his life, but his devotion to the Horned Rat aided him in the long struggle for power, eventually leading him to Skavenblight to offer his services to Nurglitch, the seventh Arch-Plaguelord. Nurglitch-who-is-seventh set him many long and arduous trials, including traversing the insanely dangerous Blindwyrm Labyrinth beneath Clan Pestilensís hold in Lustria. Success came to Skrolk in all things.

Lord Skrolk is a powerful warrior well capable of slaying any challengers to his position as the Arch-Plaguelordís favoured agent. Most fearsome of his weapons is the Rod of Corruption, a dreadful rod of spiderwood which can slay with a single touch. He also bears one of the sacred volumes of the Liber Bubonicus or Books of Woe, a magical tome which contains the secrets of every disease and plague in the world. Lord Skrolk has spent long centuries drawing together the alchemical and occult knowledge hidden in its pages to make himself a potent sorcerer steeped in the ways of death and decay.

Lord Skrolk is terrifying to look upon, his flesh has long since rotted into ragged tatters and he clawed out his own eyes at the sight of the radiant corruption of the Arch-Plaguelord, wishing to see no other creature after witnessing one so glorious. Now diabolic vitality burns through his limbs and by the blessing of the Horned Rat he sees the world again, but only as the purples and greens of corruption and decay. The noisome diseases which cling to Skrolkís putrescent body are so deadly that only his brother Plague Monks can approach him safely.

Lord Skrolk

Weapons: The Rod of Corruption.

Armor: None.


Frenzy: Like all members of Clan Pestilens, Lord Skrolk is subject to the psychology rules for frenzy. See the psychology rules in the Warhammer rulebook.

Terror: Lord Skrolk is so utterly disgusting and fearsome-looking that he causes terror in the enemy. See the description of Terror in the Warhammer rulebook for full details.

Cloud of Flies: The air around Lord Skrolk buzzes with numerous flies and beetles that hamper enemies trying to attack them. Any model in base contact with Skrolk suffers a -1 modifier to his rolls to hit in close combat.

Putrid Affinity: Lord Skrolk is completely immune to the effects of the Lore of Nurgle.


The Liber Bubonicus: See p. 39 of the Skaven Army book.

Warpstone Tokens: Skrolk carries three Warpstone Tokens (see p. 38 of the Skaven Army book).

The Rod of Corruption: The Rod of Corruption combines the effects of a plague censer (see p. 32 of the Skaven army book) and a Blade of Corruption (see p. 37 of the Skaven Army book).

Bell of a Thousand Poxes: Hung around Lord Skrolk's neck is the unholy artifact known to the Plague Monks as the Bell of a Thousand Poxes.

The Bell has no special power until Skrolk is wounded. At the end of each player's turn, starting with the turn in which Skrolk is wounded, any model in base contact with Skrolk (friend or foe!) must pass a Toughness test or suffer a Wound, with no armor save allowed. Each unsaved Wound is passed on to Skrolk, healing one of the Wounds he suffered previously in the game.