Warlord Queek can be taken as a Lord choice, but will use up one of your Hero choices as well. He must be fielded exactly as presented here and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him.

Your army must include a unit of Stormvermin if you want to use Warlord Queek.

Warlord Queek Head-taker is the right claw of Warlord Gnawdwell, the ruler of Clan Mors and the City of Pillars. Gnawdwell is one of the Lords of Decay and without doubt one of the most powerful Warlords in the under-empire. Warlord Gnawdwell has groomed Queek as his lieutenant since his birthing, supplying him with the best armor and weapons, protecting him from the other Lords of Decay, and staging attempted assassinations to keep Queek on his toes.

Warlord Queek has led several armies into battle against the Dwarf strongholds of the World's Edge Mountains and against the notorious Night Goblin Warlord Skarsnik, who holds the upper levels of Karak Eight Peaks in an iron grip.

Queek has enjoyed considerable success in these forays to date, most notably in the Battle of the North Stair, where he led Clan Mors warriors in a surprise raid on unprepared Night Goblin guards through an old sewer outlet. The Clanrats quickly swarmed over the surprised Goblins, killing most of them and enslaving the rest. Warlord Queek personally slew the Night Goblin chief, shattering the Goblins’ resistance and enhancing his own fearsome reputation in the process.

Queek’s vitriolic temper and immense ego are well known amongst the Skaven and greatly admired. He takes the greatest pleasure in challenging opposing leaders and heroes to single combat and slaying them. The severed heads on Queek’s trophy rack are kept as mementoes of the more challenging fights, making him an unmistakable sight on the battlefield – his collection includes the head of Krug Ironhand of Karak Drazh, Ikit Slash of Fester Spike and the hands of Albrecht Kraus.

The patronage of Warlord Gnawdwell means that Queek is very well equipped for a Warlord. He usually wears warpstone armor and carries both the Gouger and Dwarf Slayer, a potent ancient weapon forged long ago when the Skaven started their long and bitter wars with the Dwarfs of the World's Edge Mountains.

Warlord Queek

Weapons: The Gouger, Dwarf Slayer.

Armor: Warpstone Armor.


Challenge-Challenge! Queek is supremely confident in his own capabilities. Whenever Warlord Queek is in hand-to-hand combat, he will always issue a Challenge to single combat against any enemy characters, whether you want him to or not (see p. 66 of the Warhammer rulebook for more details on Challenges) and always accepts if the enemy declares the challenge first. When Queek is fighting in a challenge, he fights with the fury of the deeply conceited, so can re-roll any failed rolls to hit and to wound.

Hatred: Warlord Queek is quick to anger and develops a deeply psychotic hatred of anyone and anything that stands in his way. Dwarfs, Orcs, and Goblins stand in his way a lot – so he hates them all! See the Psychology rules for the effects of hatred, but remember that Warlord Queek only hates Dwarfs, Orcs, and Goblins.

Two Weapons: Warlord Queek is extremely adept at fighting with his two magic weapons, attacking in a blinding-fast flurry of blades. He uses both the Gouger and Dwarf Slayer at the same time, obtaining a total of 5 Attacks in close combat. All these attacks allow no armor save, as well as wounding Dwarfs on a 2+.


The Gouger: See p. 36 of the Skaven Army book.

Dwarf Slayer: See p. 36 of the Skaven Army book.

Warpstone Armor: See p. 37 of the Skaven Army book.

The Foul Pendant: See p. 38 of the Skaven Army book.