Chief Warlock of Clan Skryre

Ikit Claw can be taken as a Lord choice, but will use up one of your Hero choices as well. He must be fielded exactly as presented here and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him.

Your army may include Ikit Claw, the emissary of Lord Morskittar, one of the infamous Lords of Decay. If Ikit Claw is your army General, you must spend 25% of your points on Clan Skryre’s troops.

Ikit Claw has dedicated his long life to the study of all forms of magery, including the spells of Men and Elves. Over the decades prior to the second Skaven civil war, Ikit Claw travelled secretly to the far flung corners of the under-empire. He visited distant Cathay to steal secrets from the ancient human mystics and rifled the buried vaults of Vorshgar in the northern wastes of Naggaroth. He led an expeditionary force to the mysterious island of Albion in search of the lost secrets of the Old Ones and risked the wrath of Clan Pestilens by journeying through the steaming jungles of Lustria to visit the monolithic ruins which have stood there since the beginning of time.

From his great journeying, Ikit Claw drew together an encyclopaedic knowledge of the spells of the civilized races. When he returned to Skavenblight, Ikit Claw found his master and the other Lords of Decay teetering on the brink of civil war after the failure of Clan Pestilens’ Red Pox in Bretonnia. Lord Morskittar had withdrawn to the Clan Skryre quarter of Skavenblight and was waiting for the inevitable collapse. Ikit Claw hastened to his side and stood ready. Sure enough, Clan Pestilens made an attempt to seize the council chamber and fighting spilled over into Skavenblight.

When the time was ripe, Lord Morskittar sent Ikit Claw to lead the Warlock Engineers to the temple, ostensibly to restore order. Ikit Claw’s spells were unstoppable and he swept the temple precincts clear of the battling factions with fiery blasts and hails of dark blades. Clan Skryre seized the temple in an unshakeable grip and Lord Morskittar emerged to declare himself ruler of Skavenblight. However, by this time, internecine fighting had spread throughout the under-empire and no-one was listening to even the mighty Lords of Decay any more.

Lord Morskittar ruled most of Skavenblight for several centuries, driving out the other clans from the lower tunnels and the other quarters of the city. Ikit Claw was his most trusted servant during this time, overseeing the great works of science and sorcery which Lord Morskittar set into motion. It was from these great experiments that Ikit Claw sensed the rising tide of dark magic that preceded the great Chaos incursion before anyone else in the under-empire. So it was that Lord Morskittar was prepared when the Grey Seers declared their intention to invoke the Horned Rat and end the war.

Ikit Claw is tall and white-furred, always a sign of distinction and power amongst the Skaven. Like all the members of Clan Skryre, he constantly tinkers and experiments with new weapons and devices, delighting in anything which brings harm to the foe. Latest amongst his many inventions is the Warp Lightning Cannon, a terrifying engine of destruction which has carved trails of death through the serried ranks of Dwarf, Orc, and Human regiments with lethal precision.

Ikit’s face and arm were badly burned in a failed experiment long ago. He has constructed an intricate mask to cover his mutilated and hairless skull and a cunningly-made skeletal claw of iron, crystal, and brass to give strength to his withered arm. The claw contains several of his more successful inventions including a small warpfire projector. Ikit Claw also bears Storm-daemon, a hellish weapon he created in his own warpstone forges deep in the Under-City.

Ikit Claw

Weapons: Warplock pistol, warp blades, upgraded warp energy condenser, supercharged warp-power accunulator, warpfire projector.

Armor: Warpstone armor (note that Ikit Claw can still cast spells while wearing armor).

Magic: Ikit Claw is a level 4 Wizard. He can choose his spells from one of the following lists: Lores of Fire, Shadow, Death, Beasts, Metal, Heavens, Dark Magic and Dark Emissaries magic. This is in addition to his default Warp-Lightning spell that he can also cast on 11+ for 3D6 Strength 5 hits (see rules for the Warlock Master on p. 77 of the Skaven Army book).


Immune to Psychology: In his quest for arcane knowledge, Ikit Claw has conversed with the greatest of Daemons and seen sights which would blast the minds of ordinary mortals. These experiences have rendered him quite immune to the ordinary emotions evoked in other creatures, so he is not affected by any psychology.

Ikit’s Claw: Ikit Claw’s metal arm contains a small warpfire projector. This invention is treated as a breath weapon in all respects. When this weapon is fired, place the flame template with its narrow end touching Ikit's base. Models hit by the template suffer a S4 hit. Units suffering any casualties must take a Panic test. Roll a D6 after each shot with the warpfire projector: on a roll of 1 or 2, the projector has run out of fuel and cannot be used again during the game.


Warpstone Tokens: Ikit Claw carries a total of five Warpstone Tokens (see p. 38 of the Skaven Army book), which he can use to power up either his Warp-Lightning spells or any other spell from the list he is using.

Death Globes: See p. 37 of the Skaven Army book.

Warpstone Armor: See p. 37 of the Skaven Army book.

Foul Pendant: See p. 38 of the Skaven Army book.

Storm-Daemon: See p. 38 of the Skaven Army book.