High Elf Honours

0 points - Mandatory

Though the Golden Age of the High Elves is a distant memory, there are still a few noble Elves whose mere presence reminds those about them of the heroic past of their race. They embody all that is glorious about the Elves from before the time of Sundering and are bittersweet reminder of former achievements.

This Honour MUST be given to exactly one high Elf character. It costs no points.

The character, and the unit he joins, is Immune to Panic. If the Pure of Heart character is killed, the High Elf player loses 100 Victory points from his total aat the end of the battle. If the scenario does not use Victory poinst then the demise of the Pure of Heart character has no effect.

45 points

The hero is lauded amongst Elvenkind for his total devotion of the protection of Ulthuan and his unswerving loyalty to the Phoenix King.

The character comes equiped with a lion cloak. The character and any unit he leads is Stubborn. If you have a character with Lion Guard, then White Lions become a Special Choice for your army (but remain 0-1).

40 points

Stated by his training in the martial arts, this character has now embarked upon the path of the mage.

The character is a Level 1 Wizard. Note that he may not cast spells if he is wearing armour (remember that barding for his steed will not affect his spell casting).

40 points

Trained by the adepts at the tower of Hoeth, the lethal skills of thi warrior are justly fabled.

The character is equipped with Great weapon and may not take a magic weapon. Instead of striking last in any turn he does not charge, the character will strike in initiative order, as explained on page 68 of the Warhammer rules. The character Also has the killing blow special rule.

30 points

The lores of magic holds no surprises for this mage. Countless hours of painstaking study mean that no spell worth has escaped his keen eye.

Mage only. May choose his spells instead of rolling fo them.

10 points

The mage acts as a conduit through wich raw power flows.

Mage only. May cast with a maximum of +1 more Power dice than normal. For example, a Level 3 Mage may use up to five Power dice in an attempt to cast a spell (instead of the usual four).