High Elf Player's Battle Scroll

The High Elf army consists of 1,000 points chosen from the army list in Warhammer Armies High Elves. Choice is limited to the troops listed here. Whenever the scenario calls for an exception to the list, it is indicated below.

Characters & Champions

Imrallion leads the High Elf army and counts as the army's General. Imrallion is the iron-willed captain of the Eagle Pass garrison and is prepared to die in the line of duty.

You may choose one Champion for each unit in your army, armed and equipped as the rest of the unit. Any of the Champions in Special or Rare Units may have a magic item up to a value of 25 points.


Units may have magic standards only if it stated in the list.


High Elf Spearmen. One unit may have a magic standard up to a value of 50 points.

High Elf Archers.


0-1 Lothern Sea Guard. This unit may have a magic standard up to a value of 50 points.


0-1 Repeater Bolt Throwers


You may spend up to 500 points of reinforcements. These will, be deducted from the points value in the final battle. The reinforcements are chosen from the list above.

Victory Gains

While the guardians of the Pass are doomed, they can buy time for the forces of House Coraith. How many turns the defenders of Eagle Pass survive will have an effect on Calaidan's preparations for the final battle.

Less Than Five Turns
No benefits will be gained. Your warriors have perished in vain. The High Elves will gain no benefits in the final battle.

Five Turns
The High Elves doggedly defend the pass long enough for Calaidan to prepare an adequate battle-line. The High Elf player automatically receives the first turn of the game in the final battle.

Six Turns
Your warriors` heroic efforts shall be remembered. You may shoot with one of your missile-armed regiments before the start of battle in the final scenario but only after deployment is complete.

Seven or More Turns
The magnificent efforts of the defenders of Eagle Pass will descend into legend. So courageous was their defence that Calaidan has had enough time to deploy his troops at leisure. In the final battle the entire Dark Elf army is deployed before the High Elves.

Inexorable Fate

The defenders of the pass have accepted their fate and are not prepared to give an inch of ground to their most bitter enemies. They know they are doomed and will fight with determination born of desperation.

To represent this after all High Elf units are deployed, roll a D6 for each one. On the roll of 4+ unit becomes stubborn for the rest of the battle.

Wars between the High Elves and Dark Elves have always been extremely bloody affairs with no quarter asked or given. Neither Elven kindred will abandon a battle against their cousins unless the circumstances are truly desperate. On the one side is the bitter hatred that the Dark Elves feel towards their uncorrupted kin and on the other is the steely determination of the High Elves.

The enmity between the High Elves and the Dark Elves stems from the ancient feud between the two Elf kindreds. There can never be peace between Naggaroth and Ulthuan, only a war to the death where one Elven culture will emerge superior and the other faces extinction.

The Elven legends are rife with tales of desperate defences and battles where one side or the other has fought until slain to the last Elf.

Such is the tragedy of the Sundering.

Tactical Hints

Stand by your leader!
Imrallion is the most capable leader you've got. Any regiment led by him is more likely to stand their ground against their enemy Place him at the head of your best and largest regiment.

Never give up!
As long as you have one trooper left to defy the Dark Elves, continue to fight on! The more turns you survive, the greater the benefits for the final battle.

Hold at all costs!
Plan your army as defensively as possible. Take Spearmen in deep blocks and field both repeater bolt throwers if possible. Stay out of the charge arcs of the Dark Elf troops if possible. Make it as difficult for the enemy as you can!

Advance if necessary!
Advance to the pass to avoid being broken and fleeing off the table. The more chances to rally any fleeing troops, the better.

Imrallion, General of the guardians of Eagle Pass

Imrallon is an old and grizzled veteran of the long years of warfare between the High Elves and the Dark Elves. He and his shield brothers have served in the Lothern Sea Guard under old lord Melenar, and many of his men at the pass are veterans from the Sea Guard's elite troops.

All his life he has served House Coraith, and is a staunch supporter of Lord Calaidan, who he sees as the best chance Ulthuan has got for reclaiming the Shadowlands.

Imrallion has never left a battle or abandoned his post without orders. He is trusted and respected by his men who draw courage from his formidable presence.

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld Points

Equipment: Sword, Armour of Meteoritic Ore and longbow.

Save: 1+ (see rules below)

Magic Item

Armour of Meteoric Ore
Imrallion wears a suit of armour that has been fashioned out of meteoric ore. It gives him a 1+ save against any wounds, and is modified by saving throw modifiers for high Strength etc in the normal manner. It cannot, however, be improved by wearing more armour, carrying a shield or by magical means.

Special Rule

Iron Will
Such is the will of Imrallion that any unit directly led by him pass their Break tests automatically regardless of combat results.