Across the Old World there is no race more ancient, or more defiant, than the Dwarfs. A proud people, they do not cope easily with failure or personal loss. Those who are so ill-fortuned will often forsake the fellowship of their family and friends for a life of self-imposed exile

Having broken with everything they hold dear, they deliberately seek death by hunting down and challenging the largest monsters they can find. Berserk in battle, inconsolably dour at rest, a Dwarf Slayer is a dangerous ally and a deadly enemy.

Gotrek Gurnisson is possibly the most, or the least, successful Trollslayer of the world. His quest to find death at the hands of a worthy opponent has never been fulfilled, but in the search he has slain monsters, Skaven, Orcs and Beastmen beyond number! No one knows why he shaved his head and took the Slayer's Oath and no one has ever had the courage to ask him.

Felix Jaeger's life changed immeasurably the day the Dwarf Slayer dragged him from under the pounding hooves of the Emperor's knights. After a drunken binge of epic proportions, Felix was horrified to discover that he had sworn to record Gotrek's doom in an epic poem. Now this pampered son of a wealthy merchant finds himself facing unimaginable evil on the fringes of civilisation, all in the company of an insane Dwarf sworn to face his own death!

You can read more about Gotrek & Felix in the exciting range of novels from The Black Library, Games Workshop's own publishing division.

Trollslayer is the first part of the death saga of Gotrek Gurnisson, as retold by his travelling companion Felix Jaeger. Monsters, daemons, sorcerers, mutants, orcs, beastmen and worse are to be found as Gotrek strives to achieve a noble death in battle. Felix, of course, only has to survive to tell the tale.

Set in the mighty city of Nuln, Gotrek and Felix are back in Skavenslayer, the second novel in this epic saga. Seeking to undermine the very fabric of the Empire with their arcane warp-sorcery, the skaven, twisted Chaos rat-men, are at large in the reeking sewers beneath the city.

In Daemonslayer, Gotrek and Felix join an expedition northwards in search of the long-lost dwarf hall of Karag Dum. Setting forth for the hideous Realms of Chaos in an experimental dwarf zeppelin, Gotrek and Felix are sworn to succeed or die in the attempt.

Dragonslayer is the epic instalment in the death-seeking saga of Gotrek and Felix. Pursued by the insidious and ruthless skaven-lord Grey Seer Thanquol, the fearless Slayer and his sworn companion search for a golden horde and its deadly guardian.

Beastslayer is the fifth part of a Gotrek & Felix saga. Storm clouds gather around the icy city of Praag as Chaos lays ruinous siege to the northern lands of Kislev. Only Gotrek Gurnisson, a death-seeking dwarf Slayer, and his sworn human companion, Felix Jaeger, stand between the city and the forces of Darkness in this latest instalment of their epic quest.

Vampireslayer is the sixth part of a Gotrek & Felix saga. As the bitter winter claws at the ruins of Praag, the blooded hordes of Chaos plunge southwards towards the heartland of the Empire. But the doom-seeking dwarf Gotrek and his human companion Felix are shaken from their pursuit and beset by a new foe. An unholy cloud is forming over darkest Sylvania and an evil is forming that threatens to reach out and tear the heart from our intrepid heroes. The gripping saga of Gotrek & Felix continues in this epic tale of deadly battle and soul-rending tragedy.

Giantslayer is the seventh and the last part of the Gotrek & Felix saga so far. From Drakenhof castle our heroes have travelled to the misty isle of Albion, where they have met some problems with beastmen and Chaos warriors, while Teclis, the elven Archmage have wrestled with a problem on a slightly larger scale: the potential sinking of Ulthuan in a magical catastrophe of Atlantean proportions.

The warm seas of the gulf of Araby are far from the safest place in the Old World in the "Redhand`s Daughter". The second siege of the Kislevite stronghold, as seen through the eyes of the city`s inhabitants in the "Siege of Praag". The elector count of Stirland has `persuaded` Gotrek & Felix to clear a warpstone mine of a vile ratmen horde in the "Where Slayers Dare". And others...

Read here of Gotrek & Felix's encounter with a Vampire Count
Mannfred von Carstein.

Gotrek and Felix are two itinerant wandererss whose travels across the Old World and beyond have taken them into many battles. Gotrek and Felix are a special kind of Dogs of War unit and can be included as a Rare choice in any army of Dwarfs, Empire, Bretonnians (although they are not normally allowed Dogs of War) or Dogs of War (see WD 251 and 252). They must be fielded exactly as detailed below, and may not be given any additional equipment or magic items.

Gotrek and Felix form a skirmishing unit of 2 models. Even though they must remain together both are characters and all the rules for characters apply (challenges, targeting restrictions, victory points, etc.). They can move freely like other skirmishers, and have a 360 degree arc of sight.

Gotrek Gurnisson
Felix Jaeger

Weapons: Gotrek carries his Rune Axe, Felix is armed with the Wyrmslayer Blade.

Armour: Felix wears light armour.


Gotrek Gurnisson is the most accomplished Slayer in the Warhammer world, having felled mighty creatures from the Badlands to the Realms of the Chaos. As a Daemon Slayer he is Unbreakable and while he lives so is Felix. In addition, Gotrek's Strength is always equal to the Toughness of his target, unless it would normally be higher. This means he always wounds on a minimum of 4+. His modified Strength is used for armour save modifiers. Note that for Gotrek there is no maximum limit to how high his Strength can be increased with this skill. As a Dwarf, Gotrek hates all greenskins, and pursues and flees 2D6-1". Whilst Gotrek is alive, Felix may only flee and pursue 2D6-1" as well. Note: Gotrek is also relentless (may march within 8" of the enemy) although as a skirmisher he may already do this.


Gotrek's mighty Rune Axe is empowered with potent spells of cutting and cleaving. For each of Gotrek's initial Attacks that hit, he gains one extra Attack. Roll to hit with his first Attacks and then allocate and roll to hit for any bonus Attacks he gains. In addition, any opponent with Toughness 5 or more who suffers a wound (after saves, etc) loses 2 wounds.


This enchanted sword thirsts for the blood of dragons, urging its wielder to confront these monstrous beasts and imbuing them with unnatural ferocity and speed.

The Wyrmslayer Blade adds +2 to Felix's Attacks. In addition, if there is a Dragon within his charge range you must delcare a charge against the Dragon. Against Dragon's, the Wyrmslayer blade allows Felix to re-roll missed attacks and failed rolls to wound.


The Dwarf Ancestor Gods seem to have some plan for Gotrek, driving him towards an unknown doom. Since swearing his oath to accompany the Slayer, Felix has also been bound into this mysterious destiny. Although this means that they are forever wandering, unable to settle, they are also able to survive battles that see thousands of others die. To represent this, Gotrek and Felix have a 4+ Ward save and Magic Resistance (2) - note this is two dispel dice for the both of them, not two each. However, Gotrek may never join a unit, and so while he still lives Felix may not join a unit either. If Gotrek is removed as a casualty, his Doom has no further effect on Felix.


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