The Lore of Ice

The Lore of Ice is the magic of the dour frost mages of Kislev. whose blood runs cold in their veins and who can transmute the Winds of Magic into lethal ice storms with a single gesture.

To randomly generate a spell, roll a D6 and consult the chart below. If you roll the same spell twice for the same Wizard, roll again.


Cast on 6+
The caster stretches out her hands and unleashes a torrent of diamond-hard icicles at her foes.

Shardstorm is a magic missile with a range of 24". If successfully cast, it hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 3 hits.


Cast on 8+
This spell can be cast on a water-based terrain feature such as a river, swamp, marsh or lake; that terrain feature is permanently frozen and treated as open ground from now on. All models in the terrain feature when the spell is cast take a Strength 2 hit with no Armour save.

Alternatively, this spell can be cast on a single unengaged enemy unit within line of sight. The target unit moves as if in difficult terrain in its next Movement phase.


Remains in Play
Cast on 8+

The caster metamorphoses into a shrieking, taloned creature of Kislev legend, carried across the battlefield in a whirlwind of purest cold. The caster may fly whilst this spell is in play. In addition, the caster has Strength 5 and Attacks 4. The effects of all equipment, including magic items, steeds and weapons, are ignored for the duration of this spell, as they are transmogrified along with the caster. The Form of the Frostfiend continues to work until it is dispelled, or until the Wizard chooses to end it (which she can do at any time), attempts to cast another spell or is slain.


Cast on 9+
Chanting words of power, the Wizard summons a harsh blizzard that engulfs enemy marksmen and war machines. The caster nominates a point on the battlefield. Roll an Artillery dice and double the result - this is the distance in inches (measured from the nominated point) that the Ice Storm affects.

If a Misfire is rolled, it affects the entire battlefield. All units caught in the Ice Storm must pass a Leadership test at -2 when they wish to shoot. If this is failed they are unable to fire. The freezing effects of the Ice Storm last for one full turn and cannot be dispelled in the opponent's next Magic phase.


Cast on 10+
The caster breathes a great torrent of purest cold into the ranks of the enemy. Those caught in the blast turn to brittle statues of ice within seconds.Place the Flame template with the pointed end touching the caster. Any model fully under the template takes a Strength 5 hit with no Armour save. Any model partially under the template is affected on the roll of a 4+.

This spell cannot be cast against a unit in close combat.


Remains in Play
Cast on 12+

The Wizard spreads her hands wide, causing the air itself to freeze into a wall of ice. This spell may be cast on any point within line of sight. Place a 5" by 1" strip of paper on the battlefield, all of which must be completely within 24" of the caster, to represent the Glacial Barrier. This is treated as impassable terrain and blocks line of sight. The Glacial Barrier can be charged or targeted as if it were an unbreakable enemy model, and is automatically hit in close combat. It is automatically destroyed if it is hit by any attack of Strength 5 or greater (or by any flaming attack). All other attacks have no effect. Any unit that destroys the barrier in combat may not overrun.

The Glaial Harrier continues to exist until it is dispelled, destroyed as above, or until the Wizard chooses to end it (which she can do at any time), attempts to cast another spell or is slain.