Out of the Dwarf legends emerges the awesome figure of The White Dwarf, the Living Ancestor and saviour of Dwarf kind.

The last rays of crimson sunlight bled across the battlefield as the sun set over the day’s carnage. The last handful of Dwarf warriors had held off the Goblin attack, but with the coming of night the Goblins’ confidence would be bolstered. They would attack again, and this time they would leave no survivors. One by one the battle-weary Dwarfs began to chant their deathsongs. One by one, until only a single cloaked figure remained in resolute, defiant silence.


No one knows where the White Dwarf will appear. He turns up wherever and whenever his folk are hard pressed. When the odds are against the Dwarfs, he comes. He has been seen many times throughout the long history of the Dwarfs, his strange and unexpected appearance in the darkest hour of battle is recorded in many sagas. Each time he appears, the tide has turned back in the Dwarfs’ favour. There was the time when Umthi the Doomed and his folk were surrounded by Goblins. When all seemed lost, the Goblin horde shrunk back in dismay. Umthi’s warriors were heard to whisper in awe “The White Dwarf”. Deep in the midst of the foe the white-bearded one could be seen swinging his mighty axe, cutting a swathe through the ranks of the enemy. Inspired by the sight, Umthi’s folk, though bleeding and exhausted, took heart and surged forward one last time in a desperate effort to reach the White Dwarf, standing alone amid the Goblins. When the victory was won, and Umthi gazed across the stricken field, the White Dwarf was gone and no trace of him was found, except for the heaps of slain enemies. A shrine to Grombrindal now stands in this place, one of many throughout the Dwarf realms.

Some say that the White Dwarf is none other than Snorri Whitebeard, the Dwarf King of Karaz-a- Karak who was the only Dwarf to receive the due and proper respect of the High Elf Phoenix King of Ulthuan. That was a long, long time ago, before the War of the Beard. If it is true, the White Dwarf is truly an ancestor, and in some uncanny way has become immortal.

In the Saga of Grombrindal it says that he wanders the World’s Edge Mountains, following the old Dwarf roads disguised as an aged Dwarf prospector, swathed in a great cloak. He accepts a swig of good Dwarf ale from any traveller he meets and in return speaks a prophecy.

Many are the times when a strange lone Dwarf answering this description has been seen keeping himself to himself in the Dwarf camp on the eve of battle. Sometimes such a one has been seen walking the ramparts of a besieged stronghold.

When this happens it is an omen of victory and hope. In the battle the next day the White Dwarf has appeared, bedecked in all his regal panoply of war, like some ancient king of legend, a true ancestor, like one of the old carvings which has come to life.

The White Dwarf may be chosen as a Lord choice, but he will also take up a Hero choice. He must be fielded exactly as presented here and no extra equipment or magic items can be bought for him.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Points

Cost: 526 points


Disguised: The While Dwarf wears a disguise until be is ready to reveal his true self. This disguise is usually in the form of a huge cloak be wraps around himself to conceal his enormous white beard, a clear sign of an Ancestor!

If you wish, the White Dwarf may start the game hidden in any Dwarf unit except a war machine and its crew.

If disguised, the White Dwarf is not placed on the table, but is assumed to move along with the unit within which he is hidden. At the start of the game, make a note of which unit he is concealed in. If the unit is wiped out or flees, then the White Dwarf will be revealed, and will stand his ground even though the rest of the unit may be fleeing or slain.

The White Dwarf may reveal his true self at the start of any Close Combat phase. At this point he is immediately placed in the front rank of his chosen unit, displacing one of the normal rank-and-file models. If there are no such models in the front rank, then he must be placed in the second rank.

Once revealed, the White Dwarf operates as any other character.

Note that if the White Dwarf is the army general, then units only benefit from his Leadership after he has been revealed.

Has no Fear! The White Dwarf is so ancient and battle-hardened that he is Unbreakable. He will, however, always maintain his hatred of greenskjns. So fearless is he that if his chosen unit breaks and flees, for any reason, he will stand his ground. If the unit was engaged in combat, he will stand firm and continue to fight while his unit flees.


Rune Helm of Zhufbar: Those Dwarfs who bare glimpsed the awesome helmet worn upon the While Dwarf's troubled brow have described the sight they beheld. Runesmitbs bate identified tbts magnificent helmet as the Lost Rune Helm of Zhufbar, which vanished many years ago when that particular stronghold was overrun.

Any fleeing unit of Dwarfs will always rally automatically if they are attempting to rally within 12" of the Rune Helm of Zhufbar.

Armour of Glimril Scales: After the battle of Tbraag, in which the White Dwarf slew ten thousand Warriors of Chaos to rescue the foolhardy Ungt No-Chance and bis folk, a single scale of armour was found clenched in the teeth of the Lord of Chaos. It was a metal totally unknown by the Dwarf folk. The Runesmitbs were completely mystified and called it Glimril, believing that perhaps it bad been forged by the Ancestor Gods themselves!

This gives the White Dwarf a 1+ Armour save, and also a 4+ Ward save.

Rune Cloak of Valaya: The runes embroidered on the great cloak worn by the White Dwarf display, without doubt, that it was woven by Valaya herself. At least one saga relates that Valaya, the Dwarf Ancestor Goddess and protector of the Dwarf folk, fell in love with the White Dwarf on account of his magnificent white beard and gave bint the cloak as a token of her esteem. The White Dwarf has Magic Resistance (3) when wearing the Rune Cloak.

Rune Axe of Grimnir: The mighty axe wielded by the White Dwarf answers the description of the Rune Axe of Grimnir, mentioned in several sagas and legends. Perhaps Grimnir gave the legendary weapon to the White Dwarf.

This axe gives the wielder +2 Strength and requires two hands to use (but does not automatically strike last). The Rune Axe of Grimnir allows the White Dwarf to re-roll any failed rolls to hit. and any failed rolls to wound. In addition, opponents must re-roll any successful Armour saves.