A Raven Guard army is chosen from Codex Space Marines, with the following exceptions and special rules. Note that all units in the army must be Raven Guard in order to use this list, not just a few.

Surgical Strike: The Raven Guard excels at drop pod and thunderhawk deployment, dropping almost directly on top of their target and bypassing enemy defences. Raven Guard squads not in a transport vehicle may deploy using the Deep Strike special scenario rule where allowed to do so by the mission being played. They may re-roll the dice to determine where they land, and must accept the result of the second roll.

Rapid Reaction: The scouts of the Raven Guard are trained to infiltrate and reconnoitre, communicating enemy positions to the main force. If there are any Raven Guard scouts on the table at the beginning of the turn, a Reserves roll is made, the Raven Guard player may add +1 to the roll.

Limited Vehicles: Since the Horus Heresy, the Raven Guard have come to rely on the skills of their infantry. and have never made use of armoured vehicles to the extent of other Chapters. They may never choose more Heavy Support than Fast Attack choices.

Bitter: The Raven Guard harbour a tremendous hatred of the legions that betrayed them at Istvaan V, and have on occasion allowed this to cloud their famous caution and judgement. When fighting against Iron Warriors, Emperor's Children, World Eaters or Death Guard Chaos Space Marine armies, all Raven Guard models always hit models from these armies on 3+ in close combat.

Raven Guard Command Squad: In line with the Chapter's preferred methods of warfare, their leaders often take to the field equipped with jump packs and accompanied by Command squads likewise equipped.

If not mounted in a transport, members of a Command squad may be equipped with jump packs at the cost of +10 pts per model. A Techmarine may not take a servo-arm if he is equipped with a jump pack.

If equipped with a jump pack, any member of the Command squad may be equipped with a pair of lightning claws at the cost of +30 points per model.