For some time now we’ve been hearing grumblings regarding the mysterious battle-brothers of the Dark Angels. Collating players’ opinions on Codex Dark Angels, it seemed that of all the third edition lists this was the one which players felt was most in need of some revision. There were two main areas we kept hearing about: points values and the intractable rule. So after some headscratching in Games Development I set about drawing up a set of modifications that would sort out the problems and put the Dark Angels back where they deserve to be (they are after all, the first of the First Founding Chapters). The rules presented below are an official modification to Codex Dark Angels. All rules not mentioned here remain exactly as presented in the codex. Thanks to Shadowguard and the Bolter and Chainsword forum for their feedback on these changes...

Deathwing: Deathwing Terminators are reduced in cost to 47 pts each.

Dark Angels Armoury: The following items may be used by models wearing Terminator armour - Book of Salvation, Standard of Devastation, Standard of Fortitude, Standard of Retribution, Sword of Secrets (the Sword of Secrets is the most well-known example of Dark Angels artificer weaponry, other swords of different names but identical game effects are also available to Dark Angels Grand Masters).

The Lion Helm: The Lion Helm is a unique and revered item. You may only include one in your army.

Characters wearing Terminator Armour: To equip a hero, Librarian or Chaplain with Terminator armour costs +10 pts, rather than 25 pts. This does not include weapons.

Master of the Deathwing: Disregard the entry under the Dark Angels Hero section. Any independent character may be equipped with Terminator armour. All HQ characters in an all-Deathwing army must wear Terminator armour, and may be accompanied by a Deathwing Command Squad. Any HQ character wearing Terminator armour may lead an all-Deathwing army.

Deathwing Command Squad: The veterans of the Deathwing have access to finely crafted suits of Terminator armour that hark back to the earliest days of the Imperium. These suits are capable of being fitted with specialist equipment not available to Terminators of other Chapters. An Apothecary may choose a narthecium and/or reductor, a Techmarine may choose a servo-arm and/or signum and a Standard Bearer may choose any of the Dark Angels standards, even though these items are not marked with an asterisk. They may take other choices from the armoury, but these must be marked with an asterisk as normal. Deathwing Command Squads may only be fielded in an all-Deathwing army.

Ravenwing Command Squadron: The Master of the Ravenwing may be accompanied by a Ravenwing Land Speeder Squadron if he is mounted on a Land Speeder, or a Ravenwing Bike Squadron if he is mounted on a bike.

Ravenwing Land Speeder Command Squadrons may not take Apothecaries, Techmarines or Standard Bearers: they are effectively a normal squadron acting as an honour guard. Ravenwing Bike Squadrons may take character upgrades as normal.

Ravenwing: Ravenwing Land Speeders are reduced in cost to 55 points each. The Ravenwing Land Speeder may replace its heavy bolter with a multi-melta at +15 pts. The Ravenwing Land Speeder may also be fitted with an assault cannon at an additional cost of +25 pts.

Ravenwing bikers are reduced in cost to 40 pts each.

Ravenwing Attack Bikes are reduced in cost to 70 pts each if equipped with a multi-melta, or 55 pts each if equipped with a heavy bolter.

Battle Company Squadrons: In addition to the Ravenwing being equipped to employ bikes and Land Speeders, the sixth company can call upon brethren trained to ride Space Marine bikes into battle, and the seventh company has access to Space Marines trained in the use of Land Speeders.

A Dark Angels force may choose Bike Squadrons, Attack Bike Squadrons, Land Speeders, Land Speeder Tornados and Land Speeder Typhoons from Codex Space Marines for the cost specified there. These vehicles may not 'jink' and do not re-roll difficult terrain tests, as they are not members of the Ravenwing (and therefore wear dark green livery rather than the black of the Ravenwing). They may not be used in an all-Ravenwing army.

Note: Land Speeder Typhoons are not fielded in all-Ravenwing forces.

Ravenwing pattern Land Speeders are optimised for long-distance reconnaissance operations: the added weight and power requirements of the Typhoon weapon system would compromise the vehicle's effectiveness in this role.

Tactical Squad: The Dark Angels are the oldest Space Marine chapter, and as such have access to many ancient and revered weapons. A Dark Angels Tactical squad may replace its lascannon with a plasma cannon for no extra points cost.

Dark Angels Librarian: Dark Angels Librarians may have either the psychic power Smite OR Weaken Resolve. The Dark Angels Librarian is reduced in cost to 80 pts.

Intractable: This special rule applies to all Dark Angels with the exception of the Deathwing, who are already Stubborn, and members of the

Ravenwing. Intractable models that fail a Morale check as a result of taking 25% casualties in the enemy Shooting phase will not fall back as per the normal Morale rules. Instead, they will not be able to move in their next Movement phase, or assault in their next Assault phase, but may fire as per the normal shooting rules. All other Morale checks are taken in accordance with the rules given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. A unit that fails its Morale check as a result of the enemy shooting at it while it performs a Sweeping Advance will fall back using the normal Fall Back rules.

Note: These Intractable rules completely replace those given in Codex Dark Angels.