This is the Q&A (as opposed to FAQ coz a lot of them ain't...) for the Space Wolves 13th Company. There were a lot of questions asked that weren't really needed, as a closer look at the rules would have answered them, and there were a few questions that weren't FAQ questions at all, but questions on design. I've answered a few of these here, but they won't appear when these questions are answered in print.

Andy H

Q) If the Rune Priest uses The Gate to teleport a unit (i.e. this counts as a Deep Strike move) can he benefit from a friendly unit with a Teleport Homer that is nearby?

A) No. The rules for the Teleport Homer only make reference to Deep Striking Terminators.

Q) There seems to be a serious problem with large Wulfen armies - they have access to 3 HQ choices but you cannot have more than one of each. If the SW requirement of 1 HQ per 750 pts stands then they could field no army larger than 2250 pts. Even if they follow the normal Force Org requirements for HQs, being able to only take 3 HQs is potentially limiting on how big of an army you can take.

A) Page 167 of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook makes it clear that minima and maxima only apply to each individual detachment. The reason for the 0-1 limits is to reinforce the notion that each 13th Company army is a small, elite warband - the only way of fielding greater numbers is to field more than one warband at a time.

Q) A 13th Company army is never joined by allies or units from other lists. Does this mean...

a. ...they cannot take non-13th Co units as part of a 13th Co detachment; e.g. Imperial Assassin, Deathwatch team, etc.? (This is the most obvious interpretation.)
b. larger games a 13th Company detachment may not be fielded alongside a non-13th Co detachment, regular Codex Space Wolves for example?
c. ...both?
d. ...something else?

A) A is certainly true. B is a possibility as larger games tend to come down to player consent and the rules for detachments quite deliberately avoid proscribing any given combination.

Q) Can a 13th Company army take the special characters from Codex Space Wolves, i.e. Logan Grimnar, Ragnar Blackmane and/or Ulrik the Slayer?

A) No

Q) Can a 13th Company army take an Emperor's Champion?

A) No, he would come under the proscription of any 'allies or units from other lists'. Having said this I'm sure people could make some really cool conversions, so if your opponent agrees to it I'd go ahead (although the practice of fielding a Champion didn't start until the Siege of the Emperor's Palace - long after the 13th Company disappeared).

Q) If a character takes the Mark of the Wulfen he hits close combat opponents on a 3+, and they hit him on a 3+. Does this also apply to any unit he leads?

A) Yes

Q) A 13th Company army led by a Wulfen Lord "may" take Wulfen as Troops choices, but then cannot take Grey Slayers. Is this mandatory or optional? i.e. Can a 13th Company army led by a Wulfen Lord still take Grey Slayers as Troops and Wulfen as Elites choices? Please clarify.

A) The rule as written says that if you take a Wulfen Lord then Wulfen count as Troops but you cannot take any Grey Slayers. The rule makes it clear that this is a choice, and taking a Wulfen Lord does not force you to take Wulfen as Troops.

Q) Are Wulfen (the unit) subject to morale checks and pinning?

A) Yes (No Matter the Odds plus a Leadership value of 10 should mean that's not a problem, so making them Fearless would have been a superfluous luxury that made them more expensive in points).

Q) Do Wulfen hit/get hit on a 3+, as per the Mark of the Wulfen? If so, why give them WS 5?

A) No - they don't literally have the wargear item 'the Mark of the Wulfen (if they did it would be listed in their army list entry)'.

Q) Why do Wulfen not have "rending claws", despite descriptions of them implying such potency. Many Space Wolf players would have much preferred Wulfen to have the same basic profile as other 13th Co troops (the Mark of the Wulfen does not alter the WS, S, I or Ld of characters!) "armed" with rending claws, at a similar points value as they are in Codex Eye of Terror.

A) Firstly, Wulfen with rending claws would have cost more points, so it would have been a shame given the cool new model to limit the numbers players can field. Secondly, with only three pages in the Codex for the list there would have been little or no space for the special rule, and thirdly, they have a Strength of 5, which, unlike rending claws works even when not in base contact, which should go some way to making up for it.

Q) Can a 13th Company character with the Mark of the Wulfen take Terminator Armour or Space Marine Bike wargear options? These are expressly forbidden for the Codex Space Wolves version of the mark, but the 13th Company description imposes no such restrictions?

A) The Mark of the Wulfen as presented in the 13th Company list is entirely separate from the version in Codex: Space Wolves.

Q) Do Fenrisian Wolves have to be based on the Warhammer Fantasy Battle 25x50mm bases, or are the normal Warhammer 40,000 round 25mm bases acceptable? They do fit, and it looks far better on a 40K battlefield.

A) Mount them on whatever you think looks best.

Q) Can a Rune Priest riding a Space Marine Bike move through the Gate?

A) As he can't Gate Storm Claws bikers, I think it's fair to say he himself can't use the Gate if he's on a bike.

Q) If the Rune Priest and the pack moving through the Gate are two separate units before moving, do they remain separate when deployed together after moving?

A) The character is not forced to join the unit, and the normal rules for joining units apply.

Q) If a pack has been joined by an Independent Character (e.g. the Wolf Lord), and is Gated by the Rune Priest does the character also move with them?

A) No - he's not on the list of units that can be Gated.

Q) The Gate description says to use the Deep Strike rules for placing units moved via the power, does this mean that the unit cannot assault in the same turn?

A) The rules for Deep Strike state that the unit cannot assault on the turn it arrives (nice try though…)

Q) The Belts of Russ and the Wolf Helm of Russ were crafted following Russ' disappearance. The 13th Company disappeared into the Eye of Terror before Russ' disappearance. Similarly, the Helm has been in the possession of the Great Companies for the past 10,000 years. Therefore, should these items of wargear should not be available to 13th Company characters?

A) The belts that Stef Blacksoul crafted were in imitation of that worn by Russ. The belts worn by senior members of the 13th Company are obviously contemporaries rather than later copies. I believe Space Wolves players have the class to imagine that the artifacts carried by the 13th Company are contemporaries of those carried by Russ and the original Wolf Lords, and of equal power.

Q) According to various 40K background stories at the time the 13th Company 'disappeared', Imperial plasma technology was allegedly in it's infancy, with loyalist Marines employing only plasma cannon ... not guns or pistols. Why then, are plasma gun and plasma pistol options present in the 13th Company army list?

A) 'In their infancy' does not mean 'non existent', so if anyone can scare a few up it's the 13th Company…

Q) Is the free 6" move taken before or after the ROLL for first turn.

A) Before, (it states in the Scouts rule that the move takes place before who gets the first turn is decided)

Q) The 13th company gets that free move, but the bike-mounted unit cannot take advantage of it, but a wolf lord does get this move and he can buy a space marine bike as wargear. Is this an oversight? This combo allows for the lord to be assaulting a unit up to 30" away on his turn 1.

A) Again, as the Storm Claws bikers can't do it, I'd have to rule that neither can a character mounted on a bike he's bought as wargear.

Q) Why do Fenrisian Wolves as character upgrades and as Fast Attack packs have different rules?

A) Because they have different roles in the army.

Q) Fenrisian Wolves (the unit) are classed as Cavalry, and therefore die when entering difficult terrain on a roll of a 1. Wolves are native to forests and mountains (difficult terrain), shouldn't their rules represent this?

A) This is an issue with the Cavalry rules rather than Fenrisian Wolves. Rather than make an exception, which might clash with the next version of Warhammer 40,000 I left them as they were, and set the points value accordingly.

Q) Why do Fenrisian Wolves (the unit) not benefit from the "Move through cover" special rule? They would seem the most obvious candidates such a rule would apply to.

A) Because it might clash with any future implantation of the rules for Cavalry.