Lost and the Damned Q&A

This is the Q&A (as opposed to FAQ coz a lot of them ain't...) for the Lost and the Damned. We've answered a lot of questions that are really just a case of reading the rules a bit closer, but as this list has a lot of weird interactions we've indulged here. When we publish this in print it'll be stripped down to the real issues and be nowhere near as long.

Andy H

Q) Do the limits for Codex: Chaos Space Marines apply to the Lost and the Damned? (such as 0-1 Greater Daemon. Is it possible to have 2 units of things normally 0-1 by including allies? (e.g. One Greater Daemon, one allied Greater Daemon)

A) The limits from both lists apply, so 0-1.

Q) Does an allied Word Bearers Dark Apostle with the Demagogue ability make LatD models Fearless?

A) Yes

Q) Do rules from Codex: Space Marines that affect Chaos units also affect Lost and the Damned units? (for example, can an allied Iron Warriors Warsmith use his servo-arm to repair LatD vehicles, and does the Dirge Caster vehicle upgrade affect Lost and the Damned units?)

A) Yes

Q) Do favoured units from the World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Death Guard, or Thousand Sons legions get free aspiring champions when taken as allies?

A) If they have the correct sacred number, yes.

Q) Do favoured units of daemons taken as allies from the World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Death Guard, or Thousand Sons legions benefit from +1 to summoning rolls?

A) Yes

Q) Concerning mutant weapon upgrades: the rules seem to say that you CAN NOT mix weapons in a squad (e.g. some have close combat weapons, some have pistols and some firearms). My question is: can you do so or not? If not, why? A good mix-up would be most Chaotic...

A) The no mixing rule is for ease of play, but feel free to ask for opponent's consent or to count all models as the same even they vary.

Q) Would you please clarify the paragraph concerning Lost and the Damned allies? We've found this can be the most contentious of the bunch. As written, it states: " Lost and the Damned may include the following units from Codex: Chaos Space Marines. 0-1 HW, 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops, 0-1 FA. Allied units may not be used as compulsory choices on the FOC. Units with a Mark of Chaos are always Elites choices."

Since a unit with a MoC becomes an elite, would that in turn mean you can have more than one HQ/FA choice or more than two Troops choices? In other words, by marking a HQ/Troop/FA choice, the unit only takes the 0-1 Elites slot and you still can take up to 0-1 HQ, 0-2 Troops & 0-1 FA choices. For example, could you take one unit of CSM Bikes with the Mark of Slaanesh and a second, unmarked unit of CSM Bikes?


-Does this mean that Havocs may be chosen, provided they're given a MoC and therefore becoming an Elite choice instead of a Heavy Support one? Even though an unmarked Heavy Support choice is not normally allowed?


-Are HQ choices (such as a Daemon Prince) that are given a MoC demoted to an elites choice? If so, would this not then allow for three HQ choices in the same army then?


-Do LatD units that are given a mark (such as the CSM Aspiring Champions or Daemon units) become an Elites choice?


-Or was the original intention for the last line in that paragraph to read: "All Troop and Fast Attack choices with a Mark of Chaos are always Elites choices" (which seems to make more sense and better fit the spirit of the game)?

Yes. I.e. Berzerkers are Elite.

-About the same paragraph, Do the limits for Codex:CSM apply to LaTD? (such as 0-1 Greater Daemon)


Would I be correct to state that Traitors, Traitor Rough Riders, Traitor Sentinels, Traitor Hellhounds, Traitor Leman Russes and Traitor Basilisks may *not* benefit from any of the Doctrines listed in Codex: Imperial Guard?


Likewise, would I be correct to state that Traitors, Traitor Rough Riders, Traitor Sentinels, Traitor Hellhounds, Traitor Leman Russes and Traitor Basilisks may only choose unit upgrades, weapons & wargear from Codex: Imperial Guard?


Q) Do Plague Zombies actually have "slow and purposeful" from the CSM codex (i.e. they can't sweeping advance)?

A) No

Q) I take it the Slaaneshi mutants upgrade gives you -2 Ld being as the entire unit has it. correct?

A) See Codex: Chaos Space Marines- the wording is 'If all opponents…' so not necessarily.

Q) Big Mutant Bosses: can you potentially have a 3rd Heavy Stubber or Flamer given to the Big Mutant Boss?

A) No, but he could take one of the squad's two optional upgrade weapons.

Q) The arch-heretic is an important part of a Lost and the Damned army. However, if you want to use a greater daemon you must use the 1-3 aspiring champions HQ choice to summon it. Is there any way you can have an arch-heretic and a daemonvessel to summon it with without going over two HQ slots without resorting to marine allies? I prefer having a Lost and the Damned army with the arch-heretic as the only powered armored model.

A) Sorry, I can't see a way to do this without possessing the Arch Heretic.

Q) Possessed aren't technically "allies".....but can you possess a possessed champion?

A) Yes, if he has a Mark of Chaos.

Can you give Plague Zombies an Aspiring Champion?

A) They can be led by a champion from the HQ choice.

If so would the Zombies loose their fearless?


Q) Aspiring Champion(s) can have wargear from the Chaos list. How much of that can be Daemonic gifts etc.?

A) See Codex: Chaos Space Marines - 50 pts.

Q) Does an Aspiring Champion with a mark of Tzeentch have to take a psychic test to cast a psychic power or is it automatic like the Codex Chaos Mark?

A) He has to test - he's only granted the Sorcerer ability.

Q) With Chaos Space Marine allies who have marks:
- Can you take havocs, bikers or raptors with a mark and count them as elite?


- Does mark of undivided still make a Chaos Space Marine unit elite?


Q) If you give an aspiring champion the skill infiltrator can he still lead a squad of traitors and the whole squad retain the infiltration special rule?

A) Yes

Q) Do the "Ancient Enemies" rules (Nurgle can't work with Tzeentch, Khorne can't work with Slaanesh) still apply to Lost and the Damned armies? If so, does it apply to the "ghetto" marks that the Lost and the Damned Aspiring Champions get? If such rules are in effect, would the HQ I take from the Lost and the Damned side determine which god they serve, or is it still figured out by who is the most expensive HQ (regardless of if they were chosen from Chaos Space Marines or Lost and the Damned)?

A) Yes, yes and yes.

Q) Furthermore, it is mentioned that the upgrades for mutants, while given as potentially from certain gods, could be for any one of them. Does this apply to Plague Zombies as well since they are mentioned as being children of Nurgle? If so, would they fall under the "Ancient Enemies" rules above?

A) No

Q) The army list mentions that legion specific rules apply only to those units. The problem I see is that it never specifies when you select the legion. Does this mean that when choosing your army list, you align the entire list with one Legion (thus, the only Chaos Space Marine units you may have are ones available to that legion)

A) Yes, only one Legion may supply allies.

Q) Assuming Legion is specified when you choose your army list, can you take the special character(s) from that Legion in your LaTD army? If so, do they count as an Allied HQ or your normal HQ?

A) Yes, they count as an allied HQ.

Q) I assume Kroot Mercenaries are still available for hiring, even if I take Chaos Space Marine allies, correct? If so, do Chaos Space Marine allies count against the troop choices needed to field Kroot units? For Example: I have 2 Traitor Squads and 2 Chaos Space Marine squads (lets say for now unmarked just to avoid trouble), does this mean I can have 4 Kroot units or only 2?

A) You may still take Kroot Mercenaries, and Chaos Space Marine allies do not count towards the number of Kroot Mercenaries you can take. So in your example, you could take two units from the Kroot Mercenaries list.

Q) Are Mutants with the Mark of Nurgle immune to Nurgle' Rot?

A) No

Q) Are Plague Zombies immune to Nurgle's Rot?

A) By the letter of the rules, no, they are not (!)

Q) Does an Arch Heretic use the same Marks of Chaos as the Lost and the Damned Aspiring Champions, or the ones from Codex: Chaos Space Marines?

A) He uses the Marks of Chaos from Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Q) Can you have more than one Arch Heretic?

A) Yes

Q) Can you take Daemon Packs as allies from Codex: Chaos Space Marines (and if so, can you take them without taking any actual Chaos Marines as well?)

A) Yes and yes.

Q) For the Chaos Aspiring Champion HQ unit that can be taken it states that they must use the modified Marks of Chaos. I understand them all except for the Mark of Chaos Undivided. Where at the end of the unit description it states that with the exception of the Mark of Chaos Undivided, the mark is not applied to the unit the champion is leading. The question I have is if the Mark of Chaos Undivided is applied to the unit the champion is leading does the unit still get its benefit if the champion is killed?

A) No

Q) When taking a Lost and the Damned version of a Cult army, do you apply both sets of rules? The Lost and the Damned rules say that the Cult army rules only apply to the Chaos Space Marine units, which is fine for things like Iron Warriors and their Siege Specialist special skill. Where I get confused is when a Cult special rule doesn't affect models, but affects army composition.

A) The cult-specific composition restrictions are overridden by the Lost and the Damned rules.

Q) It would seem simple to apply all rules from both Lost and the Damned and the Cult. If it's limited in one, then it's limited in both. If it's permitted in one and not excluded in the other, then it's permitted. It's probably easiest, however, to say that all army composition is based off of the Lost and the Damned list.

A) By Jove he's got it!

Q) Is it possible to have a Death Guard army (i.e. all Mark of Nurgle) allied with a Lost and the Damned army if both are taken as separate force organisation charts?

A) Yes